Perfect pillows supporting your dreams

Perfect pillows supporting your dreams

A good sleeping posture is paramount to get out of the right side of bed. At Mikoala, we have been designing sleeping and body pillows for years that support the sleeping position in an ergonomically sound manner, manager and movement scientist Jan Willem Elkhuizen explains. Undue sleeping positions often lead to complaints.

Jan Willem Elkhuizen is a physiotherapist and human movement scientist. He established in his practice that many neck, back and other physical complaints are directly related to a poor sleeping position. Elkhuizen: "Our sleeping position determines for a large part how our body finds peace or builds extra tension. What mainly plays a role here is static load: stress without movement is taking place. Both the cervical vertebrae and the vertebrae are often twisted during sleep, which can cause or increase complaints. It is therefore important to adequately support the head and, by extension, the entire body. Even in the generally considered favorable position(sleeping on side), most people are half on their stomachs. The arm, leg and shoulder at the top, 'fall' forward and thus cause a forced rotation in the spinal column. This is one of the biggest causes of misunderstood chronic neck complaints and tension headaches.

Flexible pillows as "anti mold" of our body

When turning causes discomfort and tension, the right pillows provide solace; they support the center of gravity of the body and thus ensure ergonomic sleeping comfort. The combination of a Mikoala body pillow with a Hi4 pillow removes the tension and twisting, so that the posture remains optimal. This gives neck and back the rest they need to recover from daytime efforts. The pillow is adjustable in 8 positions, the heights are adjustable and the volume is not too big. All this results in easily manageable but essential support elements. The detrimental consequences of 'scissored' legs and sagging arms in lateral position are lifted literally. For the supine position, such pillows also act to relieve tension and static stress by relieving the balance of the neck, legs and back. "

Scientifically proven

Elkhuizen: "As a movement scientist and physiotherapist, I attach great importance to a correct scientific basis. University studies conducted show the beneficial effects of the use of these pillows. These are efficient tools that optimize the sleeping position in such a way that complaints are prevented and existing complaints related to a poor sleeping position could disappear. Even those people who did not have complaints noticed an improvement in sleep quality and attitude. That was ultimately also the aim when designing these pillows: creating a fundamental added value in terms of sleep quality and pain management. "